Tastes of Vilnius

From 45 €/person 3 hours

Enjoy traditional Lithuanian cuisine in our specially designed tour!

Price includes food, drink, professional guide, panorama view.

Tour is free for children up to 2 years. Children up to 15 years have to be accompanied by an adult.

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Culinary is a very important, integral part of the culture and history of the country. The practices of cooking can tell a lot about major trends in the country, people’s habits, national character, mentality and day-to-day realities.

National cuisine is also the reflection of country’s history and interaction with other ones. Be it the trade or the war, the alliance or the competition, the national cuisine always has been the first indicator of any kind of contact. This trend is very well reflected in Lithuania, which from its’ very early history found itself at the crossroads of international political and economic relations.

During the tour, you will find out, how  Jewish, French, Italian, German, Tatar, Polish and other cuisines influenced Lithuanian one, how the feasts and the everyday life of rich and poor looked like, which meals and drinks were most often served on the table. Also you will see the place of the first garden in Lithuania, the street of former royal mills, the oldest tavern in Vilnius.

The history of food and cooking will be illustrated by food tasting breaks – you will be served a snack, two-course lunch, national drink and a dessert in three different restaurants (vegetarian option available!), where the guide will introduce you to the specifics of each place and you will experience how distinctive and rich Lithuanian cuisine is. Finally you will have an opportunity to enjoy not only tasty Lithuanian cuisine, but also the breathtaking panorama of Vilnius from the highest point in Old Town – St. Johns’ Belfry!

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Tour includes:

Professional tour guide

Entry tickets to belfry

Food: a starter, soup, main course, national drink

Dessert with coffee or tea


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Tour does not include:

Tip for the guide

Additional food or drink




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