• Royal palace, a great building in the style of renaissance, was build in year 1520-1530, during the rule of Žygimantas the Old. The “fashion” of renaissance was brought to Lithuania by his wife, Bona Sforsa, the princess of Bari (contemporary Italy). How Royal palace looked like before the fire of year 1610, hardly any information remained. After the fire Royal palace was rebuilt by Dutch master Petr Nonhart. The plan of the palace was the following: four blocks, built around quadrangular yard. On the first and second floors – administrative and living rooms, on the third floor – representative accommodation (that’s why third floor is higher than the two first). Windows are decorated with surroundings, windows on the third floor – with cornice also. The building ends with small attic – typical element of the buildings of renaissance, main function of it was to prevention fires from spreading.

    During the war with Russia, in year 1663-1667, Royal palace was destroyed  very strongly and began to erode. At the beginning of XIX ct the decision to demolish the remainings of Royal Palace was taken and the Cathedral square was formed.

    The Royal palace was rebuild and open to public in year 2013.