• Sv. Kazimiero baznycia barokas Vilnius
    Domininkonų bažnyčia barokas
    Jezuitu noviciatas renesansas Vilniuje
    Domininkonu baznycia barokas
    Benediktinu vienuolyno kiemas renesansas Vilniuje
    Italiskas mopedas Benediktinu vienuolyne
  • From 120 €/Tour
    Tour duration: 2 hours

    No additional fees

    Tour starts from:
    Gediminas monument
    (see map below)


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  • Admire the beauty of Italian architecture under the Northern sky, discover the cultural links between Vilnius and Rome, wander through cozy courtyards well hidden from the noise of the busy capital life, and taste a bit of Italy!

    Vilnius can be called a handbook of architecture where you can find examples of almost all architectural styles - from Gothic to modern XXI ct steel-glass constructions. Nevertheless two Italian styles – Renaissance and Baroque – could be called the jewels that brighten city's mosaic of architecture. Vilnius is famous for being the most Northern city in which Italian styles are dominating.

    During the tour you will see the most beautiful places and admire the most iconic Renaissance and Baroque buildings, churches and closed courtyards. The guide will reveal how Renaissance was brought to Lithuania, how much the constructions of the most expensive church in Vilnius cost, why Baroque churches are so huge and many interesting facts about the culture of XVI-XVII  ct. Feel the elegance of the Renaissance visiting the courtyard of the Royal Palace, the Alumnate and Jesuits novitiate ensemble, while mystical, theatrical and a little bit illusory baroque world will be disclosed visiting St. Casimir and St. Theresa churches, churches and monasteries of Carmelites and Dominicans and amazing St. Catherine church.

  • The sights you will visit:

    • The Grand Courtyard of Royal Palace
    • Church of Archangel Michael and monastery of bernardines
    • Alumnate courtyard
    • Church of Holy Spirit
    • Jesuits noviciate
    • Yards of the former monastery of Benedictins
    • Church of St. Catherine
    • Church of St. Casimir
    • Church of St. Theressa
    • Gates of Dawn
  • Tour includes:

    Professional tour guide

    Tour does not include:

    Tip for the guide