• Mysterious Catacombs of Vilnius

  • Vilnius katedra požemiai kripta
    Barbora Radvilaitė karstas karuna kripta Vilniaus Katedra
    Vilniaus Katedra
  • From 120 /tour

    Entry tickets to the museums are 
    not included (+10 €/person).

    Tour starts from:
    Cathedral belfry tower
    (see map below).

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  • Visit the catacombs of Vilnius Old Town which are full of mysteries and miracles! Discover the history, hidden by the run of the centuries, and get inspired by the spirit of antiquity! According to the legend, the underground city of Vilnius that was used by Lithuanian Grand Dukes as an emergency exit and as a secret dating place as well...
    During the tour you will visit the catacombs of the Cathedral Basilica and hear the breathtaking story about the miracle that helped to protect the royal graves and the destiny of the heart of Polish King and Lithuanian Grand Duke Ladislau Vasa. Also you will visit the last resting place of St. Casimir, the caretaker of Lithuania, canonized after a numerous miracles. Further on, you will admire marvelous Gothic cellars of monasteries and former palaces, as well as of the living houses. Get inspired by the catacombs of Old Vilnius!

    Sights that we will visit:

    • Catacombs of Vilnius Cathedral Basilica
    • Undergrounds of Amber Gallery
    • XVI ct cellars of the living house in Pilies street.