• Tower of Gediminas Castle

  • Another reminder about glorious past, stands on the hill of Gediminas - the tower of Upper Castle, in spoken language named as “Gediminas Castle”. One of the examples of early Gothic in Vilnius – Upper castle. Even though Upper Castle was built earlier, at the beginning of XV century before Gothic stile Arrived to Lithuania, castle was rebuilt in the style of early Gothic. In the Western part we can find fortification tower, which has remained standing till nowadays (originally there were four towers) and now is being called Gediminas Castle Tower. As several paintings and old schemes show, the tower had four floors, but only three of them have survived till nowadays. Holes for shooting were located on the fourth floor. The tower has the shape of cut stack: the walls from down to top become thinner. Gediminas hill with Upper Castle on the top was uncrushable defense facility for these times: Gediminas hill was steeper than it is now and covered with clay. When enemy got close, defenders of the castle just had to spill several buckets of water, and the hill became so slippery that it was impossible to climb up. Maybe this was the reason why the Castle had never been taken by storm.

    Walk up the Gediminas castle, admire the history and breath taking panorama of Vilnius Old Town.